I can’t remember if I always wanted to get hammered or if it was only after I saw the purse. (Photo courtesy of Vernissage.)

If you are the type of Classy Lady who drinks wine, you don’t want to have to wait until you take the wine out of the special wine gift bag to let people know how classy you are. You want something that lets you announce that shit from the get-go! Like a wine purse. The above pink thing, the thing that you’re like, oh, is that what Samantha from Sex and The City carries her vagina in — it’s really a purse full of wine. Yeah. It is.

Soon to be sold in the United States, the wine purse was developed and first sold in Sweden. Is it a coincidence that Sweden is a country where you can see boobs on TV and where people pay massive taxes so everyone can have a lot of time to sit around and drink wine out of a purse? It is not.

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