It goes 200 miles on a third as much battery power as an electric car. It has airbags and an enclosed cockpit. It’s gyroscopically stabilized, like a Segway.

It could be the future of transportation.

Think of it as either an electric velomobile on steroids or the Nissan Leaf on a crash diet — either way, two wheels plus ultra-efficient electric transport means that once oil gets really expensive, Lit Motors‘ C-1 electric motorcycle could be the best vehicle on the road.

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The C-1 was unveiled on Tuesday at Fortune magazine’s Brainstorm Green conference in Laguna Niguel, Calif., but it’s still very much a prototype. It won’t be available for at least 18 months, and it will cost $24,000 when it arrives.

But once it comes out, its electronically-controlled power train will be capable of some pretty impressive stuff.

Lit’s website brands it “a rolling smartphone” and Kim himself describes it as an app that could be programmed to pop wheelies, corkscrews and other BMX tricks.

That’s right — it’s staggeringly fuel-efficient, it’s adorable, AND you can train it to do tricks. It’s like the world’s best vehicle and the world’s best pet in one.

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