This Barcelona flat might be our favorite tiny apartment yet. Everything is just so cleverly tucked away! The dressers are inside their own drawers that slide out from under the raised bed. The table and the bench slide back and forth on the wall, so they can be pulled apart for use or stacked for a smaller footprint. And the piece de resistance: Underneath the bench is a full-size bathtub.

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For daily use, owner Valentina Maini has a shower drain in the floor of the bathroom, so she can basically shower over the sink. But if what you like is a soak in the tub, a rinse over the shower drain is never going to cut it. Maini says her hideaway bathtub is like a spa, a space for relaxation and contemplation.

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Maini’s got some really astute ideas about tiny living; she also explains in the video that she didn’t want a fold-out bed, because chances are she would never fold it back up and that would look gross. There’s a lot of good lessons in this apartment: be realistic about  how you’re going to live in the space, instead of how you would like to live. Give yourself access to light and outdoor space. Have a narrow entryway to make your apartment feel larger (as Maini jokes about her three-foot stairwell). And make sure you have a dedicated place to relax — even if it’s under your dining room table.