(Photo by Chris Coomber.)

It’s been way too long
since Grist’s last haiku contest.
We’re here to fix that.

Last time, we emerged
with Grist’s official haiku.
Here it is for you:

A frog in water
doesn’t feel it boil in time.
Dude, we are that frog.

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A fine haiku! Sure,
some may impugn its science.
We love its koan-

like flash of insight.
It served us well for years. But
its work here is done.

This Earth Day, Grist plans
To christen a new poem.
Will you help us out?

The earth’s future could
hang on the syllables of
your five-seven-five.

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

Send us your haiku!
Email them to us right here.
Or just tweet them out.

(The hashtag “#gristku”
Will insure that we see them.)
Here’s inspiration

in a video
from haiku master Dylan
Tweney. Now go write!

Who knows? Your words, too,
might end up immortalized
On a Grist T-shirt.