Ayumi Kim works for Tesla and got tired of explaining to potential EV owners that yes, if you hit a wombat, your car will probably be fine, and no, you can’t plug a chainsaw into the cigarette lighter. “I’m not even joking — this really happened,” Kim swears. “The same guy asked if he could ‘plug the car into itself to charge.’” Ohhhh boy.

Kim has taken the wacky real-life questions she’s fielded on the job and dreamt up what promises to be an unpretentious, fact-filled electric vehicle coloring book. (Seriously. “Unpretentious” is in the title, perhaps to balance out the hipster lumberjack on the cover.) Kim’s friend Sarah W-R is illustrating the 12-page book. It’s not in any way associated with Tesla, which is why the pair have launched a Kickstarter campaign (a $15 donation gets you the book).

[protected-iframe id=”5b2a1ad0d4e45f4ecad44a06edc22398-5104299-17932162″ info=”https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2042275008/an-unpretentious-guide-and-coloring-book-to-electr/widget/video.html” width=”470″ height=”353″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]

We’re not sure there’s a HUGE Venn diagram overlap between potential EV owners and those who enjoy coloring books, unless they’re seriously lowering the driving age, but it’s a refreshing alternative to kids’ books dedicated to princesses and G.I. Joes. Maybe it’s part of the new Goldieblox era of toys that suck less?

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If nothing else, Kim sounds like an interesting character. Her bio mentions a love of cars, guns, and monster trucks, asking, “Not your everyday blonde Asian, who better to write a book about electric cars?” Who indeed.

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