A nekkid Brit on a bike is basically our version of heaven (just try not to think of the chafing). So this PSA is pretty dang persuasive. After all, if a bare English muffin isn’t enough to get drivers checking their rear-view and side mirrors for cyclists, what is?

We should take this lesson to heart on this side of the pond, where cycling is on the up and up. “According to the Federal Highway Association in the U.S., the number of bike trips in America’s 70 largest cities has increased by 73 percent between 2000 and 2011,” says Fast Company. (Data on cyclist nudity doesn’t seem to be available, oddly enough, although we know there ARE naked bike rides in Peru, Portland, Cape Town, and Seattle, for starters … )

The AA Charitable Trust, part of the U.K.’s Automobile Association, made the video as part of its #ThinkBikes campaign. Whether you’re thinking about bike riders clothed or unclothed, who’s to know? We won’t judge. Just check those blind spots.

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