You know all those covers of Frozen’s “Let It Go” floating around the internet? Blame severe weather. At least, blame severe weather for this one, a Cincinnati traffic reporter’s version titled “Just Don’t Go.” Watch Bob Herzog warn drivers to stay the heck off the dangerous, icy roads:

Some choice lines:

Just don’t go! Just don’t go!
I am one with ways high- and by-
Just don’t go! Just don’t go!
Black ice will make you cry

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I must share what dispatchers say
All the traction’s gone
School’s closed, or at least they’re on a delay

As Chris Mooney explained last month, climate change will alter winter, not eliminate it: “Global warming loads the dice in favor of more intense precipitation through changes in atmospheric moisture content.” As the atmosphere warms, it can hold more moisture, which means bigger snows. In other words, climate change means more blizzards — which means you should brace yourself for more weather-related Disney covers. Truly, this is the worst impact so far.

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