Uh, maybe just buy a motorcycle?

Uh, maybe just buy a motorcycle?

“OMG! I flew down that hill on my bike!” you say, except you don’t mean LITerally, because you weren’t on this bike designed by three Czech companies. The Flying Bike, as it is aptly called, successfully took a five-minute, remote-controlled flight inside a test facility in Prague this week. With a donut-like cage housing a propeller above each tire, the Flying Bike clocks in at just over 200 pounds. (A dummy took the test flight, as ET was not available.)

The purpose of a flying bike is unclear, unless it’s to cement the fact that the Czech Republic is a cooler place to be than the U.S., which we already knew from the first Mission: Impossible movie. Hopefully it’ll at least be safer than Norah, a jet-powered bike invented by two cackling Brits and capable of hitting 50 mph:

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Who knows what’ll become of these super-bikes, but hopefully it’s something to do with charity. Because biking for charity on bikes that are LITerally flying or LITerally on fire is LITerally one of our interests on Facebook.

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