We’ve got nothing but respect for those of you who ride a bike with a yoga mat on your back and panniers full of god-knows-what, and then heroically carry your gear with you everywhere you go to keep it from getting stolen. But we have always have longed for a secure way to keep our stuff locked up with our bikes.

So has Kathryn Carlson. And unlike us, Carlson did something about that longing. She created the Buca Boot — an actually secure bike basket that you can leave your stuff locked up in.

Treehugger explains:

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At first glance, the Buca looks like a container — a slightly more stylish version of what you see on the back of scooters to hold helmets. But once a user unlocks the Buca and pushes back the wooden doors, two nylon canvas panniers are revealed on either side of the middle plastic storage area. In addition, there’s a strong elastic drawing cord that works like a bungee, fastening items securely in each pannier by looping over the door handle.

Of course, you still have to lock up your bike properly so *that* doesn’t get stolen. But this is definitely an improvement on the model where you’ve got three different bags slung around you and you’re walking through the supermarket and pissing off everyone you accidentally sideswipe.

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