Froggy Fresh, the rapper formerly known as Krispy Kreme, is the teenage basement answer to Macklemore. And in his latest video, he drops some dark truth about the rarity of recovering a stolen bike:

Froggy Fresh’s facts may be contestable — “Statistics show if you didn’t have a bike lock, you have about a 75 percent chance of your bike getting stolen” — but his beats bring attention to an important cause. Not illicit candy use, silly — bike theft!

“James was movin’ bikes so quick, if you didn’t get to him within a couple weeks, it’s a good chance your bike had already been sold,” Froggy drawls. Sounds pretty true to life, especially knowing that only 5 percent of stolen bikes make it back to their owners. (In Montreal, it’s a dismal 2.4 percent.)

Longtime Froggy Fresh fans will recognize the villainous stolen bike seller, James, as a perpetual tormenter of Froggy and his BFF, Moneymaker Mike. Here’s part one of the stolen bikes story:

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Froggy’s real name is Tyler Cassidy, and despite his baby face and Southern accent, he’s actually a Michigan kid in his early 20s. Origin notwithstanding, he’s got some wise words for cyclists: “You can’t always get your bike back … Sometimes if you get your bike stolen, it’ll get sold or something. But you still gotta keep your head up. PEACE.”