As if. (Last week: robots, chainsaws, and freak gasoline accidents.)

Chicago residents are fighting the Koch brothers and their petcoke:


Night Moves, a new ecoterrorism thriller starring Jesse Eisenberg and Dakota Fanning, comes out later this month:

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Environmental Defense Fund is backing Republican Lindsey Graham, who supports the Keystone pipeline:

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The U.N. thinks people should cut their meat consumption in half:


Monsanto’s Roundup could be linked to a rash of farmworker deaths from kidney failure:

The EPA is simultaneously tackling pollution, climate change, and racism:

The Guardian thinks you should give up your pet to stop climate change:

Google’s self-driving cars treat cyclists better than real drivers do:

One of BP’s gas pipelines burst on Monday, spraying oil on 27 acres of Alaskan tundra:


The Supreme Court gave Big Coal the smackdown on Tuesday: