Farmed salmon are getting an experience that you’d normally see on the bucket list of an aging CEO: They get to drive around in a custom-made Rolls-Royce, the most expensive of its kind ever made, before they die. The schmancy car company is making a “live fish carrier” worth $9.4 million for a Danish salmon company.

This Rolls, however, does not go particularly fast. It’s basically a gigantic fish tank, but for almost 500 tons of fish. Businessweek reports:

The salmon are sucked up into the ship through giant crane-borne plastic hoses 60cm in diameter, and offloaded the same way. Inside the holds, the water is steadily circulated and filtered and oxygenated, and each fish will have room to swim about.

So, basically, the fish get a Rolls with a gigantic pool in it. Eat your heart out, aging CEO.

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We all live in corporate cages and die eventually. Only some of us, like these fish, get to live the high life while they can.

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