Logan Hicks, “3D New York, NY”, 30in x 48in. Courtesy of the artist.

You know the archetypal “bad kids” who hang out at abandoned construction sites at night (maybe with skateboards, possibly turned into aliens)? Logan Hicks is that kid, all grown up — and armed with a DSLR. He sneaks underground so you don’t have to, taking eerie shots of abandoned subway tunnels from Detroit to Paris:


Logan Hicks, “3 Way Split, Paris, France”, 30in x 48in. Courtesy of the artist.

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These photos are from an upcoming pop-up exhibit by the New York City photographer and stencil artist, which PMM Art Projects is hosting on the Lower East Side. (If you need to evaluate Hicks’ street cred, Banksy hand-picked him and one other artist to represent the U.S. at a 2008 art festival.)


Logan Hicks, “The Metropolitan, Detroit MI”, 30in x 48in. Courtesy of the artist.

Hicks didn’t just saunter into old subway tunnels, though — getting the shots took stumbling into some seedy situations, according to FastCo.:

In Paris, for example, he was arrested as he waited for his camera to finish a 30-second exposure capturing a dark Metro train. He spent the night in jail, and his memory cards were confiscated. (He did manage to recover some footage from the event.) He’s encountered police, bats, and naked men smoking crack in his journeys underground.

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Thanks for venturing out there so we can stay home in our PJs, Hicks!