Well, this is a new one: “Frostpaw the Polar Bear” has a message for Obama, and it rhymes. The Center for Biological Diversity’s furry spokesanimal is in a new video that gives a quick rundown of Keystone’s potential ills, with a plea for the president to reject the pipeline once and for all. Did we mention that it’s a rap? Watch:

The rap praises solar, wind, and mass transit as alternatives to oil, and it actually isn’t that bad. Here are some sample lyrics:

The Keystone pipeline’s a ticking time bomb
The chances of it cracking are just way too strong …
The oil industry has the earth on the line
Only betting on the money, but we’re running out of time
Hey, ho, Mr. President, please take a stand for the 99 percent
Hey, ho, Mr. Obama, we just can’t afford more climate change drama

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The 1,700-mile pipeline would cut America in half, zig-zagging from Canada to Texas with up to 35 million gallons of oil a day. Not only are oil leaks a huge risk, but the pipeline will damage wildlife habitats and support Canada’s dirty tar sands instead of clean energy.

The State Department’s rapidly approaching deadline for public comments on Keystone XL is Friday, March 7, so tell Secretary Kerry to nix the pipeline before then. After all, a polar bear in a Hawaiian shirt told you to.

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