Nature’s been watching Michael Bay movies again! A crowd near Israel’s dry, dusty Zin River recently got caught off guard by a flash flood and had to hightail it to avoid getting swept away:

The Negev desert is better known for its arid sun — and plans to build a giant solar power station — than abundant rainfall. The Zin River had been dried up for years, so you can’t really blame the onlookers (and eager dog). Heavy rain in nearby mountains was SUPPOSEDLY the culprit, although the Plain of Sodom is nearby, so God might’ve been trying to scare all those teens using the back door.

The massive chocolate milk spill looks like fun (as long as you’re on higher ground, like the Dead Sea tourists who shot the video), but the Green Prophet points out its darker side:

[S]udden water surges such as this are also exceptionally destructive. Any vegetation in the river’s path would have been destroyed, and soil eroded.

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And this is why you always build an ark.

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