Quizzes are all the rage today. There are even quizzes to determine what kind of quiz you are. Sure, you know which Game of Thrones character, style of kisser, and Ninja Turtle you are — but do you know your modern eco breed? If not, we thought we’d help you figure it out (because quiz-makers obviously know yourself better than you do).

If you found your way here, we’re guessing you have at least some sort of green inclination. But in the 21st century that no longer has to go hand-in-hand with things like sanctimony and guilt — environmentalists now come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. Maybe even some ones that you wouldn’t expect.

Are you an unquenchable activist that everyone awkwardly pretends not to notice while you’re out canvassing? A tech-loving futurist churning out pie in the sky ideas? An eco yuppie happily buying into everything green, so long as it’s still trendy? Take the quiz to find out!

[protected-iframe id=”2b9a50b4c9ca036fa44b42c3ef393009-5104299-29763145″ info=”https://www.tryinteract.com/quiz/samantson/1″ width=”470″ height=”900″]

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(Illustrations by Brendan Kiefer)

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