Well here’s a story that sounds like an urban legend: Villagers in China unearthed a mysterious plant that they thought might be some type of mushroom. It’s described as “fleshy and meaty,” with “something that looks like lips” at one end, and on the other end there’s a hole with a shaft in between and … look, you see where this is going. It’s an artificial vag.

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If the news video didn’t look legit I’d suspect this of being a fake, ginned up either to poke fun at unsophisticated village types or to mock the media’s credulousness. (Look for the part where the reporter talks authoritatively about this mysterious plant’s growing patterns and historical significance.) To me, it does look legit … but then again, what the hell do I know about Chinese TV? I will note that the program supposedly reporting on this novelty fungus, Xi’an Up Close, doesn’t seem to have any online presence that’s not related to this video, at least nothing associated with the English translation of the program name.

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I really want it to be true, because it’s hilarious. But if it’s a fake, I hope posterity finds it ranking with the kidney thief and the dog that’s really a rat among the classic urban legends.