Actor Mark Ruffalo appeared on Countdown with Keith Olbermann last night to speak out about the fracked-upness of of hydraulic fracturing. Ruffalo (not your average greenwashed celebrity) lives in the Catskills with his family, and jumped on top of this cause early on, going beyond the T-shirt-wearing and tweeting that often defines the limits of famous-person activism-lite. He recently produced a video educating New Yorkers about the damage fracking poses to their water quality, and heads to Albany today to lobby against the practice, as he’s done many times before. Check out his interview with Olbermann, in which he declares that “we can’t take 40 more years of carbon” and derides the “whole movement of hangers-on who think gas is the future … gas is a bridge to nowhere.” The appearance marks Ruffalo’s new status as an official Countdown contributor:

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