Photo by Rich Anderson.

Baseball fans will gladly tell you why tonight’s All-Star Game doesn’t matter. Even when the Bud Selig-tie-game debacle led to a contest that determined which league played host during the World Series (basically always the American League) it didn’t make a whole lot of difference to the outcome.

So here’s something that matters anyway: The All-Star Game is very, very green.

Very green. So green, uneaten hot dogs will be composted.

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The Royals, in conjunction with Missouri Organic Waste, will divert organic waste from food prep and from the suites to composting. Uneaten food will be collected and donated to Harvesters.

So green, the toilet paper is made from recycled paper.

Paper products in the restrooms contain post-recycled content such as the toilet paper (30% post-consumer) and paper towels (up to 73% post-consumer).

So green, the power used in the stadium will be offset.

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120,000 KWh of energy used during the All-Star Game and related events, including the Home Run Derby, the Legends & Celebrity Softball Game and the All-Star Futures Game will be offset with Green-e Certified Renewable Energy Credits supplied by Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

So green, the stadium had solar panels installed.

In advance of the All-Star Game, the Royals and KCP&L installed on Kauffman Stadium 120 solar panels that will produce 36,000 kw/annually.

So green, viewers at home will know how green it is.

This thing is so chock-full of green that the MLB’s partners at the Natural Resources Defense Council have a blog post loaded with the partnerships, offsets, changes, additions, upgrades, products, and details of how in-your-face, green-to-the-max baseball’s night of honor is going to be.

They may not have put too much thought into doing the right thing when it comes to the National League’s starting pitcher (R. A. Dickey was robbed!), but at least they’re trying to do the right thing for the environment. At the very least, the planet Earth will be a winner tonight.

Also, hopefully, the American League.

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