The undersides of Antarctic ice sheets, thought to be fairly safe for now, are melting.

Robert Abbey, the head of the Bureau of Land Management, is planning to retire at the end of the month.

Bill McKibben said yesterday that climate campaigners need to be “willfully naive and demand that our system work the way that it is supposed to work” instead of the way it does work, with big money driving decisions.

This new LED lightbulb has a cooling system that “breathes.”

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A noise from a steel mill on the Michigan-Canada border is really getting on Canadians’ nerves.

A chimpanzee in a Swedish zoo has been making carefully planned and executed attacks on the humans gawking at him. (It’s no more than any of us would do if stuck in a zoo.) Researchers called this “a good sign of the rather sophisticated foresight ability in chimps,” but it could also be a good sign that Planet of the Apes was really a documentary from the future.

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