OAT shoesPhoto: OAT ShoesAre your shoes on their last legs? If they were OAT shoes (which they aren’t, because you can’t buy them in the States yet), you’d be able to just shuck ’em off and bury them in the yard. Kicks from this new line biodegrade completely, a neat trick that just netted them an award for green fashion at Amsterdam fashion week. Though the runway concept probably didn’t hurt:

OAT shoes on the runwayPhoto: Peter Stitger

Okay, old shoes are perhaps not the greatest environmental hazard facing our planet.[1] But considering how hard it is to find a place that will recycle plain old shoes, we say: thanks anyway, Shoe Fairy!

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[1] Unless you live on Brontitall. Congratulations, you have now witnessed the nerdiest joke of my career.

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