British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was in Washington, D.C., Thursday to sit down for a chit-chat with President Bush. Brown told press that he and Bush “agreed we must work internationally to secure progress at the G8 and toward a post-Kyoto deal on climate change. … I look forward to continuing to work with President Bush and his administration in taking it forward.” (Taking what forward remains to be seen, as Bush’s recent climate speech had no specifics.) Brown also mentioned Britain’s hesitation to go forward full force with biofuels, noting, “We’ve got to get it absolutely right that we’re dealing with the environmental issue as well as dealing with the problem of increased production of food.” The prime minister also met with Bush’s three viable successors (in alphabetical order by first name, so as not to show bias) and says he is “absolutely confident that through working with any of them we could rise to the great challenges of the future.”