Duke Energy has a proud tradition of excellent staffing moves. So we must congratulate the company on its latest hire: a sitting congressman.

forallofusRep. Shuler.

From The Hill:

Retiring Rep. Heath Shuler (D-N.C.) already has a new job lined up: he’ll be a top federal affairs official with North Carolina-based Duke Energy, the nation’s largest electric utility.

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The Charlotte-based company, which has more than seven million customers and plenty of interests before regulators and Congress, announced Monday that Shuler will be senior vice president of federal affairs beginning in January.

The conservative Democrat won’t vote on any matters affecting Duke Energy for the remainder of his time in Congress, the company said in a statement that touted the hiring of the one-time Washington Redskins quarterback.

That’s the commitment to ethical integrity our Congress is known for: No voting on issues related to your future employer. Strictly verboten. Hard line in the sand.

Plus, he’ll have to wait an entire year before coming back to Capitol Hill.

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A Duke spokesman, citing House ethics rules, said Shuler would not be “actively lobbying” for one year but could do so after that period. Shuler will be overseeing and determining how to strengthen Duke’s D.C. office, spokesman Tom Williams said.

Tip No. 1: Hire congressmembers.

According to Politico, at least one green is enthusiastic about Shuler’s move.

Kelly Martin of the Sierra Club North Carolina Campaign — a former Shuler aide [Ed. – From 2007 until last year] — praised her former boss as a “strong environmental champion.” “He voted to curb greenhouse gas emissions and repeatedly voted to support clean energy solutions, showing his leadership on curbing climate change and building a clean energy economy that protects human health and the environment,” she said.

Yes, I’m confident that Shuler and his 71 percent environmental voting record will turn the massive ship that is Duke Energy toward a greener tomorrow. He’ll likely be as successful at that as he was in the NFL.