Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) thinks local communities should be able to decide how fracking is regulated in their areas, and whether it’s allowed at all. He’s among the backers of some initiatives proposed for the November ballot that could increase local control over oil and gas drilling.

And the chair of the Colorado Republican Committee, Ryan Call, says that makes Polis a terrorist. Here’s a screen grab that took of a Twitter exchange before Call deleted the offensive tweet:

Ryan Call tweet

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Another Republican, state Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg, picked up the theme, saying, “Polis’ jihad against responsible energy development is reckless.”

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The Boulder Daily Camera reports that Call apologized for using the T word:

“It’s a fact that Congressman Jared Polis’ proposed regulations will put thousands of Colorado jobs and our state’s economic future at risk,” [Call] said. “While I passionately believe that we must protect these jobs and energy development in our state, I understand that my comment has distracted from this important conversation.” …

On Friday, Polis said his fight for local control over drilling may have to be settled in November’s election, in which his seat also will be on the ballot.

“Fundamentally, what my constituents feel needs to occur is that communities need to have a role in the siting of fracking activities in their areas,” he said. “Currently, that debate is co-opted by the state, which allows fracking to occur anywhere and everywhere.”

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What’s really more terrorizing — run-of-the-mill democracy, or energy companies pumping poisons into the ground and the air for short-term financial gain with limited government oversight?