The Mustache wants a green pony:

In this election cycle, we need to hold a “Green Debate,” devoted only to energy and environmental questions. I would suggest Tulane University in New Orleans on Aug. 29, 2007 — the second anniversary of Katrina. That would give the candidates, Republicans and Democrats, all summer to develop positions and it would give the voters all fall to examine them before the big primaries in February 2008.

I would like to see each party’s candidates questioned separately, so Republican voters and Democrats can each focus on their primary candidates. The questioning should be done by a three-person panel consisting of one climate scientist, one energy investor and one college student, since young people will be the ones most affected by global warming.

Sounds good to me! Make ‘er happen, ‘Stache.

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(It’s worth noting that there is an organization out there trying to make this happen. Check out

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