The InterAcademy Council, a group representing 150 scientific academies around the world, has just issued a new report: "Lighting the Way: Toward a Sustainable Energy Future."

I know what you’re thinking: hot damn, a long-ass new PDF!

The report, commissioned by the governments of Brazil and China, "lays out the science, technology and policy roadmap for developing energy resources to drive economic growth in both developed and developing countries while also securing climate protection and global development goals."

Andy Revkin’s got a summary in the NYT, but the main thrust is a call for doubling of public and private research budgets to drive "immediate and simultaneous action in three areas":

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• Concerted efforts should be mounted to improve energy efficiency and reduce the carbon intensity of the world economy, including the worldwide introduction of price signals for carbon emissions.
• Technologies should be developed and deployed for capturing and sequestering carbon from fossil fuels, particularly coal.
• Development and deployment of renewable energy technologies should be accelerated in an environmentally responsible way.

Yeah, well … duh.

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Since it’s my job to be your Human PDF Shield, I’ll read the whole thing tonight and report back on any non-obvious findings.