Rocky Anderson is in the news again, reminding us why we all love him.

Now he’s taking on idling autos, calling for city-owned vehicles and personal vehicles on city business to limit their idling to five minutes, except in emergency situations. Fifty percent of air pollution in Utah comes from cars and trucks, and Rocky wants the city to do their part in cutting down on the smog-creating emissions. His environmental adviser, Jordan Gates, says this latest executive order is part of the mayor’s comprehensive plan to improve air quality, encourage alternative fuels, reduce driving, bolster alternative transportation, and reduce greenhouse-gas emissions in the city.

Idling burns about half as much gas as driving, except it doesn’t help you get from one place to another — which may or not be the point of cars, or so I hear. “We like to say you’re getting zero miles per gallon,” said Gates.

Word. Go Rocky. And because he’s so awesome, I’m just going to bring back this photo, in which the good mayor proudly displays his Coldwater Tide:

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Rocky with TideRocky with Tide

More photos from my morning with Rocky here, in case you missed them.

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