InhofenfreudeIn all the chaos of moving, I missed out on the latest episodes of Inhofenfreude.

First and most cosmically delectable is the news that Sen. John Warner plans to unceremoniously boot Inhofe from his seat as chair of the Senate EPW committee. Inhofe was already going to lose out when the Dems took over, but now his crazed hands are being pried from the controls even of this lame duck session. Oh, the ignominy! Oh, joyous laughter ringing through the Roberts household!

Even better is Inhofe’s reaction:

"I have long been a friend of John Warner; however, I think he has misunderstood the rules. I intend to retain my leadership position in the 110th Congress, returning as the Ranking Member of the EPW Committee,” Senator Inhofe said.

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Heeeeee hee hee! Tra la la. Is it Christmas already?

Lordy I hope that turns into a full-on face-scratching, hair-pulling, trailer-park cat fight. I been good, Santa. Gimme!

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In other more substantive but less friggin’ awesome news, Inhofe is still ranting about global warming to anyone who’ll stick a microphone in his face. It’s funny … with the big Dem sweep in the recent elections, Inhofe looks less and less like a sinister power broker and more and more like a demented clown.

Watch this MSNBC interview. Not only does Inhofe say global warming’s nothing to worry about because “God’s still up there,” but he promises to filibuster any climate change legislation. All I can say is, yes, yes, please filibuster it. You couldn’t do anything more effective to build support for it.

If all the bad guys were small-minded, dim-witted hucksters like Inhofe, winning would be so much easier.