Bush, Brazil sign controversial biofuels pact

Faced with protests and anger at home? Why not escape to a place where you can take solace in … protests and anger. President Bush is making few friends in Brazil, on the first stop of a Latin American tour that will see him visit four other countries. But he does have a big ol’ friend in Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva: the two announced today that their countries have signed a pact that aims to boost ethanol production throughout the region. “It makes sense for us to collaborate for the sake of mankind,” said Bush. Meanwhile, mankind was getting tear-gassed in the streets as thousands protested the visit and the deal. “Bush and his pals are trying to control the production of ethanol in Brazil, and that has to be stopped,” said a rep from Brazil’s Landless Workers Movement. Also on the anti-Bush beat: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who will address an “anti-imperialist” rally in Argentina tomorrow. Said Chavez as he began his own journey, “We don’t need tips from the empire.”