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  • Dammed If He Does, Dammed If He Doesn't

    Last Wednesday’s New York Times featured a full-page ad urging Vice Pres. Al Gore to take a stronger position on dam removal on the lower Snake River in Washington state, a step that enviros believe would improve the survival chances of several salmon species that call the river home. What happens to a decision deferred? […]

  • A longhair stirs up politics in Colorado

    Art Goodtimes is driving my car, and he’s making me a little nervous. Not that he’s a bad driver. But he’s talking Colorado politics, and he’s warming up to the subject. He starts gesturing, and soon he’s taking both hands off the wheel when he particularly wants to make a point. I realize my car’s […]

  • Black Helicopter Watch

    Rarely do environmentalists find much common ground with the libertarian Cato Institute, a Washington, D.C., think tank. But rarely do squabbles get as nasty as they did last week following the posting of an item on Cato adjunct scholar Steven Milloy‘s website concerning David Platt Rall, a noted environmental scientist who died tragically in […]

  • Ad-ing Fuel to the Fire

    Backed by a cash infusion from media mogul Ted Turner’s foundation as well as several other major donors, National Environmental Trust, along with the Union of Concerned Scientists and Physicians for Social Responsibility, kicked off a splashy $8 million ad campaign on global warming this week with three TV spots slated to run on 220 […]

  • Warren Can Wait

    It was a scene about as strange as they come in the perennially strange world of American millennial politics. Neoconservative uber-pundit Arianna Huffington speaking to the hardest of hard-core liberals, Americans for Democratic Action, introducing the strangest of strange celebrity presidential candidates, Warren Beatty. Beatty as Bulworth. Wednesday night, a packed house at the Beverly […]

  • Come on, Rudy, Sign the Local Motion

    Instant correction: Those of you who perused Muckraker early this morning or over the weekend may have read that New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) was prepared to sign a major letter from mayors and other local officials calling for the federal government to do more to combat global warming. Not so keen to […]

  • If the Government Says It's Safe, It's Safe, Right?

    The folks who bring us gene-spliced soybeans, corn, potatoes, and other foods like to make a point of the U.S. government’s approval of their products. The feds OK’d it. That must mean biotech foods are safe, right? Right. Sure. This is the government that declared DDT safe and thalidomide and DES and dozens of other […]

  • But a cool new plan could save the day

    Announcements of the “hottest year in recorded history” are becoming annual events. Another beautiful sunset. Evidence is mounting that drastic climatic changes are under way, driven by the 6 billion tons of heat-trapping carbon dioxide that humans pump into our atmosphere each year. In 1998 alone, we saw a crippling ice storm in Quebec and […]

  • Sweet Georgie green?

    Dubya. Texas Gov. George W. Bush may not be about to sit down and pen a sequel to Al Gore‘s environmental manifesto Earth in the Balance, but he has done something several other GOP presidential candidates appear reluctant to do: acknowledge the existence of global warming. On May 12, Bush told a news conference in […]

  • There's What They Tell Us — And What They Don't Tell Us

    What they tell us: The income tax is unfair. The top one percent of income earners pay one-third of all income tax. What they don’t tell us: The reason the top one percent pay so much of the income tax is that they have so much of the income. The richest 2.7 million Americans — […]