Humboldt-Based Candidate New Front-Runner for Green Party Nomination

Meanwhile, far from the madding crowds in Iowa, Green Party activists are fishing about for a standard-bearer of their own. Ralph Nader said no thanks; he’s planning to lose the 2004 presidential race as an Independent. But a potential front-runner has emerged in the person of David Cobb, a longtime Green activist. While Cobb is from Texas and was instrumental in establishing the Green Party in the state, he is currently based in — where else? — Northern California’s notoriously leftish Humboldt County. The final verdict on a Green presidential candidate will come in June, at the party’s national convention in Wisconsin. In the 2000 election, Nader, running as a Green, received some 2.5 percent of the national vote, and was accused of sapping enough liberal votes in Florida to throw the state to Bush (though it must be admitted that the Supreme Court played a teeny-weeny role there).