New York announces historic power-plant agreement

Yesterday, New York Gov. George Pataki (R) and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer (D), whose ambition to replace Pataki is no secret, stood amicably side by side to make a joint announcement. If that news wasn’t shocking enough in itself, what the Dynamic Bipartisan Duo announced was pretty impressive too: Six New York power plants have agreed to substantially cut emissions of nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide, which cause acid rain and smog. The cuts will amount to removing 2.5 million cars from New York roads, said state officials. New York-based power plants (many of which also agreed to pay substantial fines) will achieve what one utility called “regulatory certainty,” state residents will endure thousands fewer asthma attacks and dozens fewer premature deaths, and, say state officials, power costs will not rise. The deal is historic, said Pataki, and “not just because I’m holding a press conference with Eliot Spitzer.”