I take issue with one-issue voters, mostly because I think one-issue candidates make terrible legislators.

But that said, I wouldn’t do what I do if didn’t believe that transitioning to a renewable energy economy is a critical, keystone challenge facing our country, with profound implications for our future.

And I’m not the only one. I don’t think politicians properly appreciate how popular renewable energy is. Take this recent poll (PDF) from Texas, the heart of oil country. Eighty-four percent of Texans said they want the state to invest in solar — that’s broad support. And 81 percent are willing to pay for it — that speaks to the depth. In the next few weeks we will be seeing some similar numbers out of Arizona and Florida. Both are swing states with bitter partisan divides — and people unite around one thing: solar. It’s a wise politician who hitches her/his wagon to renewable energy’s star.

To paraphrase Wade Boggs, there’s votes in solar.

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I’m sure David at one point will do a comprehensive review of how the ’08 candidates stack up.

But let me put a plug in for Richardson. New Mexico had an extraordinary legislative session on energy issues this year, and the Coalition for Clean Affordable Energy, the go-to group in the state on renewable energy issues, gives a lot of credit to Bill.

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