Next week Los Angeles voters will vote on an ambitious solar energy plan that would add solar panels on rooftops and parking lots across the city and require the city’s energy utility to rapidly increase the amount of solar power it uses.

The vote could give a snapshot of public support for renewable energy, just as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says a renewable energy bill will be the Senate’s first step in fulfilling President Barack Obama’s energy directive.

I’ve sketched out some of the details of the L.A. plan, and some of the criticisms of it, but here are a few more highlights from the back-and-forth over the “Green Energy Good Jobs for Los Angeles” plan. Opponents, interestingly, are quick to say they support more solar energy for the city, just not the specifics of this plan.

“Like you, I’m in favor of clean solar energy,” says ratepayer Jack Humphreville. “But I also favor clean government. And that’s the problem with Measure B.”

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Here’s his argument in full:

Here’s a higher-budget response from Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who supports the measure:

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And Ed. Begley Jr. opines on Huffington Post in support of the measure. Still no word from the rest of Hollywood’s eco-brigade on where they stand on the issue.