First, the good: here’s a feature story in the new Orion magazine about the tactics and successes of the anti-coal activists who’ve helped halt, count ’em, 59 new plants, according to author Ted Nace. Ted also gives a huge rundown of links and resources for anti-coal activists.

And the ugly: thanks to Maria Gunnoe’s success organizing against mountaintop removal mining as a staff member of grassroots group Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition and now her lead role in stopping a "valley fill" in her home town in West Virginia that cost some local jobs, her family has been the target of harassment and threats of violence, to the level that she’s had to hire guards for her home and install security cameras. This doesn’t come cheaply, and they’re accepting donations to help keep her in that house, in that community, and stopping MTR’s utter destruction of Appalachia. More here, plus an address to send donations to. The woman is a hero and deserves better.