Apparently the political discourse in this country is irrational enough that one anti-green billboard campaign featuring megalomaniacs will not satisfy our craving for crazy. No, there have to be two billboard campaigns in one month that cast aspersions on good ideas by associating them with crazy dudes that no one likes.

We present to you:

These guys hate “energy independence”! If you don’t recognize him, the guy on the left is Ed Perlmutter, a representative from Colorado. Barack Obama, we assume you’re good with. Oh, and that one’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, that Iranian leader known for being crazy. He’s crazy! Therefore, since he is on this very badly designed billboard with those two (shudder) Democrats, they must be crazy, too.

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Never mind that energy independence is basically a made-up idea: Oil prices are determined by the global market, people! Also, gas prices are dropping now, so if Obama is conspiring to keep them high, he’s doing a terrible job, billboard. (But actually he’s not! Because prices are dropping due to global trends, not because of anything happening in U.S. politics!) It’s too early on Monday for this kind of stupid. Excuse us while we go have another cup of coffee and pretend this didn’t happen.

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