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Seattle, Wash. (Aug. 21, 2014) — Grist (, the influential and irreverent green news organization, officially launched its redesigned website for desktop users this week, offering a sleek new interface that improves the reading and viewing experience.                                                                                       

The clean, crisp new design makes text easier to read and showcases bigger photos, videos, and other multimedia — all of which gives Grist’s award-winning editorial team a better platform for its thought-provoking journalism (and giggle-inducing storytelling). Improvements also include an “infinite scroll” at the bottom of each story page, which shows every recent article published, as far back as a reader wants to go.

The new design was introduced to mobile and tablet users in February, and now the release of the desktop version makes for a seamless, responsive user experience for Grist readers across all platforms and devices.

“We’re really excited about bringing this to the desktop,” said Chip Giller, Grist’s founder and CEO. “We removed everything we thought was a distraction to the reading experience. And readers will no longer need to go to the homepage — we bring the homepage to you at the end of every article so you can find the greatest and best of Grist.

“We’ll continue to refine the site. More new features are in the pipeline,” Giller said. “Our readers’ feedback, as always, will be critical in helping to shape the future of our website.”


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