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“Smart(ish) Cities” series focuses on urban environmental progress in unexpected places

SEATTLE, WA—, the world’s leading source of environmental news and commentary online, points out signs of unexpected urban progress in a new special series, Smart(ish) Cities. Sure, everyone knows about the honor students in the smart-city realm: Portland, Seattle, Chicago. But what about the C students? Grist dedicates this series to them. These “problem-child” places—like Phoenix, Cleveland, and Atlanta—won’t be appearing in a Top 10 list of green cities anytime soon, but it doesn’t mean they’re not trying.

In this special series, which runs from May 12 through May 16, Grist analyzes what makes a metropolis “smart” and explores those urban areas previously written off as they study up on sustainability and set out to make the green grade against all odds. Highlights from the series include:

Smart(ish) Cities aims to show how these C-student cities are discovering the brighter, greener futures that await those that do their homework and stay awake in class. By the end of the series, readers will be able to use what they’ve learned as both a rubric for measuring their own cities’ green grades and a cheat sheet for improving those scores.

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