Turtles having sex. By demontroute2k on Flickr.

Some flights out of JFK International Airport were delayed today as officials scrambled to clear runways of turtles. Apparently the diamondback terrapins, which live in nearby Jamaica Bay, were all "oh yeah, buiding a runway next to our habitat? That's how you're gonna play it? Fine, WE F*CK ON YOUR RUNWAY. DEAL WITH IT." Still, if there's a cuter reason to get stuck in the airport than turtles putting baby turtles inside other turtles, we don't know about it.

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This is not even the first time that the JFK runways have been the site of a chelonian sex-fest. In 2009, the New York/New Jersey Port Authority removed 78 turtles, which may or may not have been engaging in a massive turtle gang-bang:

[Port Authority spokesman John Kelly] said that the turtles were perhaps attracted to the sand along one side of the runway, which juts into the water. “They tend to look for sand while they are mating,” he said. “Presumably, all these turtles were feeling amorous.” It is unclear whether the turtles pair off, or if the numbers indicated it was a group activity, he said.

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