As president, Rick Perry would eliminate the Department of Energy, if he could remember he wanted to eliminate the Department of Energy.

Do countries have to officially declare a trade war? How will we know when the U.S./China trade war over solar power actually starts?

Canada continues to prove that it’s just masquerading as a nice pleasant country. Now it's slashing its environment budget. It all seems kind of sinister, right? Climate change would benefit the country's farmers; Canada does have trees to spare; maybe it's enjoying all the attention? Hmmmm.

Australia, meanwhile, is preparing to host refugees from Pacific Islands.

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Another subspecies of rhino, this one the Western Black Rhino of Africa, is officially extinct. (These black rhinos are a different kind from the ones that were flying through the air recently.)

A while back, we told you about the overfishing of menhaden, an oily fish that underlines the Atlantic Ocean food chain. Yesterday, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission voted to limit harvests of the fish.

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