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Election 2004

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  • The scoop on Bush’s Texas getaway

    Dear Umbra, I heard a rumor that President Bush’s Texas ranch is off the grid. I find it very hard to believe (unless “off the grid” means he has his own oil well and refinery set up) and I can’t find any documentation about it. Ever heard this? Know if it’s true or false? Skeptical,JulieChicago, […]

  • Don’t gamble with your vote in 2004

    Is Ralph ready to run? Photo: Nader 2000. Activists have plenty of good reasons to challenge the Democratic Party operatives who focus on election strategy while routinely betraying progressive ideals. Unfortunately, the national Green Party now shows appreciable signs of the reverse problem — focusing on admirable ideals without plausible strategy. If Ralph Nader runs […]

  • Fun facts on voters’ environmental values and more

    73 — percentage of Americans who think political candidates’ positions on the environment are “very important” or “somewhat important”1 61 — percentage who say they are either active participants in or sympathizers with the environmental movement2 30 — percentage who list the environment as an “extremely important” factor in deciding for whom to vote3 49 […]

  • A Grist interview with Democratic presidential contender John Kerry

    Kerry power. Photo: Kerry for President. He has the jaw and build of Paul Bunyan; he windsurfs, kite-boards, and snowboards; and he’s married to Teresa Heinz, one of the most powerful environmental philanthropists in the country. He has his finger on every hot-button environmental issue in D.C., from helping to lead the Senate campaign against […]