Ryan Parks.The Bachelorette‘s Ryan Park. Photo: Karina Marchese of REC Solar What do GE, Charlie Sheen, and the most promising bachelor on The Bachelorette have in common? They all are playing a role in bringing solar to New York.

The New York Solar Jobs Act is an effort to bring 5 gigawatts of solar to the state by 2025. It’s the biggest solar campaign currently underway in the U.S., and GE is doing its part by joining a broad coalition of businesses supporting the effort. The global solar photovoltaic market is going strong — it surged from $2.5 billion in 2000 to $71.2 billion in 2010 — but all politics is local, and brand-name, hometown business involvement is key. 

Charlie Sheen’s doing his part by dedicating all his free time to orgies, drugs, and general hedonism. This, in turn, lead to the abrupt and unexpected cancellation of his TV show, which freed up space on the CBS Super Screen in Times Square … making it available to a coalition of solar advocates for use as a campaign tool. 

Thanks, Charlie. Your sacrifice will be remembered.

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The Super Screen is currently running a couple of pro-solar pieces (“When there’s a big spill of solar energy, it’s called a Nice Day … Solar: the Perfect Combination of Woodstock and Wall Street”). 

Some of you may be thinking: “I could do better than that.” Well, some of you are in luck: There’s a contest under way to get your mug on the Times Square billboard (1.5 million views per month) making the case for solar in New York. Connect on Facebook and give it your best shot.

Even solar executive Ryan Park — he of Bachelorette fame — is taking time out of his wooing schedule to help the New York solar campaign out. Think you can do better than this? Have at it.

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