This is going around Facebook today — it’s actually from 2010, made in response to a specific piece of legislation, but the message here is (pardon the pun) evergreen.

Advocacy group Vote Solar gets the credit. The group bought ad space on a digital billboard near Albany to encourage the New York legislature to pass solar-related legislation. That bill seems to have died in committee, and the 2011 version was deferred, but at least the advertising was funny.

Here are some other slogans that Vote Solar founder Adam Browning brainstormed for the billboard, which displayed several different messages:

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  • The irony of the coal-powered billboard is not lost on us.
  • Solar: It’s actually a $30 billion global industry. Please do not tell the hippies.
  • Solar is 99.9% reliable in New York. You’re thinking of the moon-power panels. Those are useless.
  • What about the huge, free nuclear power plant in the sky? What if we just used that?

There are some duds in the list too, but some of these are gold. Maybe we can get Vote Solar to put the billboard back up? Or immortalize them on that bastion of hippie culture, the bumper sticker?

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