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  • Climate denier campaigns have zero impact on belief in global warming

    It’s hard sometimes to ignore climate deniers: They’re so wrong! About everything! But the biggest impact they seem to be having is just that: annoying environmentalists. Denialist campaigns have had little influence on the 30 percent of people who are skeptical about climate science, ABC News reports. The one thing that does change those people’s […]

  • Secret Heartland Institute memos map a climate-denial campaign

    Looks like someone has pulled a Climategate on denialist think tank the Heartland Institute. (Is “think tank” the correct term for an institution devoted to spreading misinformation? Maybe “lie tank” is better.) Turns out that — surprise surprise — they take donations from the Koch brothers, as well as tobacco companies and Microsoft. And then […]

  • Oceans kept the last decade from being even hotter

    Occasionally, as in the past decade, greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere continue to increase, but the increase in average world air temperatures seems to "pause." (Not that the past decade wasn't the hottest on record -- it's just that climate scientists thought it could have been even hotter.)

    Now, scientists are figuring out where that extra heat went: into the oceans. Specifically, into the deep oceans, below 1,000 feet beneath the surface. The world's oceans can hold vastly more heat energy than the atmosphere, so this isn't a big surprise, although it's nice to have some confirmation.