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  • Dow trying to have it both ways on climate?

    Does Dow Chemical support climate action? Or think it would destroy America? Depends on which Dow Chemical you’re listening to. Is it the Dow Chemical that’s a member of the U.S. Climate Action Partnership? That Dow made a major investment in clean energy in Michigan last week. From’s The Mudpuppy: Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm […]

  • Greens have finally got the Big Mo

    Paul Krugman had a post the other day on the “aura of inevitability” and how it finally seems to be working for progressives instead of against them. I think he’s on to something. Summer was brutal for greens. “Cap and tax” attacks were bouncing around the Foxosphere. House Dems were getting killed back home for […]

  • Big coal gone wild: The sequel

    It wasn’t enough for FACES — the bogus Big Coal front created by a Washington, D.C. lobby firm — to be pilloried on the Rachel Maddow Show and the Daily Show for using fake iStock photos in their ads. Now comes Big Coal Gone Wild: The Sequel. While a broad and peaceful national movement rooted […]

  • Climate and dirty-energy groups were busy over summer vacation

    National lawmakers did next to nothing about climate change over the August congressional recess, but climate activists and their fossil-fuel foes were busy.  Here are highlights from their summer antics: Clean-energy activists at a Maine rally.Photo: 1Sky The climate activists The Alliance for Climate Protection’s Repower America campaign and the Blue Green Alliance kicked off […]

  • The farces of coal — episode #1

    WARNING: This video of Ted Nugent may be a little too American for the workplace, and definitely contains too much “freedom” for children. Mr. Nugent has some choice words regarding his machine guns and the President of the United States. Ted Nugent will be the featured emcee of the Verizon-sponsored “Friends of America” pro-mountaintop removal […]