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  • New Agtivist: Colin Archipley is teaching soldiers to farm

    This former Marine is part of the growing movement to fill the aging agriculture sector with returning soldiers who can benefit from focus, independence, and time outdoors.

  • Sarah Palin loves the smell of emissions in the morning

    Sarah Palin is still being coy about whether she's going to run for president, but as usual, she's enjoying whatever attention she can get. Her latest stunt: Hopping on the back of a Harley to ride with 400,000 bikers through D.C., like she was Hell's own angel. Palin's take on the ride? Pollutalicious! "I love […]

  • Four stories that should have changed the media narrative … but didn’t

    One of the most frustrating things about covering national energy politics is that conventional wisdom in D.C. never seems to change. The incestuous circle of journalists, pundits, lobbyists, and lawmakers known as The Village has its own set of narratives about climate/energy policy. Those narratives are a) completely at odds with the rest of the […]

  • Veterans Day, 2029

    This post is an update of Memorial Day, 2029. The two worst direct impacts to humans from our unsustainable use of energy will, I think, be Dust-Bowlification and sea level rise, Hell and High Water.  But another impact — far more difficult to project quantitatively because there is no paleoclimate analog — may well affect […]

  • Veteran wins groundbreaking claim for Agent Orange exposure at Georgia military base

    A U.S. veteran living in Tennessee has won what’s thought to be the first Veterans Administration claim for exposure inside the continental United States to Agent Orange, an herbicide that was used by the military to clear jungles during the Vietnam War. Agent Orange — which got its name from the color of the barrels […]

  • Greens have finally got the Big Mo

    Paul Krugman had a post the other day on the “aura of inevitability” and how it finally seems to be working for progressives instead of against them. I think he’s on to something. Summer was brutal for greens. “Cap and tax” attacks were bouncing around the Foxosphere. House Dems were getting killed back home for […]