Sarah Palin is still being coy about whether she's going to run for president, but as usual, she's enjoying whatever attention she can get. Her latest stunt: Hopping on the back of a Harley to ride with 400,000 bikers through D.C., like she was Hell's own angel. Palin's take on the ride? Pollutalicious! "I love that smell of the emissions," she told Fox News.

The bike event, Rolling Thunder, is an annual Memorial Day ride to the Vietnam Memorial, organized by Vietnam vets to draw attention to missing and captured service members. But hey, why make a respectful statement about veterans and their service to the country, when you can spout off about how much you love noxious fumes?

Palin didn't make any official remarks at the event about gratitude towards veterans, either, but she also didn't give a speech about her support for emissions. Why? Because she wasn't invited to speak. In fact, she wasn't invited at all. "We can't stop her from coming to ride," said Ted Shpak, the ride's national legislative director, hopefully while trying to avoid eye contact with Palin so she wouldn't climb onto his handlebars.

On the plus side, maybe instead of a presidential run, this heralds a new move in Palin-based reality shows. This time, it's Sarah Palin's Alaska meets American Chopper, but who knows what else she might have in store? Here's what else we'd like to see on that lineup:

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  • Sarah Palin's Alaska meets 19 Kids and Counting: "I love that overpopulation!"
  • Sarah Palin's Alaska meets Jersey Shore: "I love that smell of the Superfund sites!'
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  • Sarah Palin's Alaska meets Big Brother: [Joke redacted for being too easy]
  • Sarah Palin's Alaska meets Sarah Palin's Alaska: "I love that staring lovingly into my own eyes until I am immersed in a self-congratulatory, self-reflecting tunnel of Sarahs, all of us spewing rank nonsense!"