It looks like McDonald’s has a Big Mac–sized sense of humor.

The official McDonald’s Twitter account responded to readers’ questions about our April Fools’ Day report saying that McDonald’s is scrapping a composting plan because its food won’t decompose. While some people didn’t realize it was fake news, McDonald’s did, and responded to a tweet from Edible San Francisco saying:

@EdibleSF: This one had us laughing :) It’s an #AprilFools joke!

And here’s another:

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@aarieff: They say April Fools jokes are a form of flattery! This one had us laughing too! ^Mol

@aarief responded: “But what r u doing about waste?”

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McDonald’s linked to the company’s sustainability practices, where, regarding packaging and waste management, they are “exploring ways to reduce the environmental impacts of our consumer packaging and waste in our restaurant operations.”

McDonald’s points to the 1990s where they “eliminated 300 million pounds of product packaging.” Come on McDonald’s, that’s sooo last century!

They’ve got a long way to go before they hear us saying, “I’m lovin’ it!”