Rawk out with your caulk outThe WeatherStrippers are good with caulk.Foxtongue via Creative Commons

UPDATE: Happy April Fools’ Day!

The Garden State’s new jobs program, cheekily dubbed “WeatherStrippers,” will utilize Recovery Act funds to create an estimated 450 jobs while also reducing low-income residents’ energy bills through electricity savings. The WeatherStrippers will seek to put caulking guns in the hands of disadvantaged former strippers through a 12-week, hands-on training program focused on efficient building erection and maintenance.

WeatherStrippers program director, Amber Heatless, commented, “A lot of the ‘green jobs’ attention goes to training ex-convicts to install solar panels, but we realized that the downturn in the economy was disproportionately affecting New Jersey’s population of exotic dancers. And in the pilot program, we found that the girls were naturals with caulk.”

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Hey Jersey, we also hear they’re not bad with poles.

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