Steve PriceArt: Nat Damm

Steve Price

Digital Designer, Urban Advantage
El Cerrito, Calif.

Digital artist Steve Price, 59, wants to show you the future of green urbanism—literally show you. He creates photo simulations of what blighted urban landscapes would look like if they were transformed into healthier, safer, more sustainable places—and pretty sweet spots to live. Price’s Berkeley firm, Urban Advantage, builds “photo-realistic visualizations” for developers, design firms, and local governments that want to show how walkable urban development could revitalize an area. “Everybody kind of nods and agrees and knits their brows as they listen to statistics and information about economic development,” Price said of the public meetings he’s attended. “Then they see the pictures, and that’s when the smiles occur. And the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs.'” Read a Grist profile of Price.

Ooh and ah over this animation of a street in Lancaster, Calif.:

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